Skyline Territory

I’m happy to announce that we’ve released my new animated film celebrating the Skyline Tavern Project. Produced by Scott Ray Becker and Meg Thibodeaux, and directed by yours truly, the five and 1/2 minute piece celebrates the wild and wooly biology—both human and non-human—of the Skyline Tavern. Five months in the making, the film features my hand drawn animation, and the music of The Black Dogs of Skyline, led by Kris Stuart.

Skyline Territory

Unveiling Uncle Plaster

Uncle Plaster.

We’ve started a new company called Uncle Plaster, specializing in Larry’s particular brand of 2D animation. Our latest is a segment of the web series My American Waistline, from Smash the Hive Productions.  The series comments on America’s obsession with weight and body image. The latest, called “Slings and Arrows #1”, takes a look at body shaming over coffee.

Larry drew the cartoon entirely with a Bic ball point pen, as though someone were sitting in a coffee shop sketching in a composition book.  “Every cartoon has to start with a concept, a visual approach that is appropriate to the story,” Larry says. “Without that you’re just doodling in the dark.

“Slings and Arrows #1” was drawn entirely with Bic ball point pens.

Research and drawings of the Hydra in “Slings and Arrows #1”.

Here’s a look at the final product.  Let us know what you think!  More at Uncle Plaster!

Out of the Shadows

Here’s a look at my new 13 minute video about mentoring prisoners in transition. America puts more people in prison than any other nation.  One out of every 100 U.S. citizens are behind bars.  When those folks get out, are they ready to be successful, or will they wind up back in prison because they are not prepared?  Mentors help prisoners adjust to life on the outside by acting as guides, as advisors, as friends. the film is sponsored by Mercy Corps Northwest and produced in a workshop by my organization HARRP (Highland Access, Reentry and Recovery Program).  Check it out!