Uncle Plaster Animation Studios

Lawrence Johnson, the lead animator at Uncle Plaster, has been doing cartoons since he was a kid. His first attempt was a stop-motion animated version of James Thurber’s “The Unicorn in the Garden,” made with paper cutouts. Currently Uncle Plaster working on a music video for the jazz singer/songwriter Buzz Holland. Watch for it!

Skyline Tavern

I’m happy to announce that we’ve released my new animated film celebrating the fifth year of the non-profit Skyline Tavern Project. Produced by Scott Ray Becker and Meg Thibodeaux, and directed by yours truly, the five and 1/2 minute piece celebrates the wild and wooly biology—both human and non-human—of the Skyline Tavern. Five months in the making, the film features my hand drawn animation, and the music of The Black Dogs of Skyline, led by Kris Stuart.

Skyline Territory

Here’s the original 2015 animation for the non-profit Skyline Tavern Project.  Black Dog Art Ensemble funds projects in art and ecology.

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