DVDFullWrapCoverTemplateStuff (2011).  DVD, 82 minutes.

“When my dad died, I got his STUFF.”  

When his father dies, filmmaker Lawrence Johnson must sort and distribute the garage-sized storage unit full of his father’s stuff. What is at first both an obligation and albatross becomes liberating as the filmmaker sheds his own possessions to find himself.

Through the interwoven stories of the filmmaker and his friend, Phil Wilson, STUFF will re-enact the drama of interrupted development and show how it affects the protagonists’ growth as men.  It will also show how a father’s sickness and death stimulates an urge in a son to seek the fulfillment of an unanswered need for intimacy with the father.

Available for home use at Amazon.

Also available on Kanopy Streaming.

Hand Game faceHand Game: the Native North American Game of Power and Chance (2001)

Every year, thousands of American Indians pack up their lawn chairs and hit the “hand Game trail” on reservations throughout the west.  This 65 minute documentary explores the mythic and historic roots of gambling in Western Native America.   “Wonderful presented and ethnographically sound.” -Rodney Frey, Anthropologist, University of Idaho.

Home and Educational DVD:  Visionmaker Media.

Now streaming at Kanopy Streaming.

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