Unveiling Uncle Plaster

Uncle Plaster.

We’ve started a new company called Uncle Plaster, specializing in Larry’s particular brand of 2D animation. Our latest is a segment of the web series My American Waistline, from Smash the Hive Productions.  The series comments on America’s obsession with weight and body image. The latest, called “Slings and Arrows #1”, takes a look at body shaming over coffee.

Larry drew the cartoon entirely with a Bic ball point pen, as though someone were sitting in a coffee shop sketching in a composition book.  “Every cartoon has to start with a concept, a visual approach that is appropriate to the story,” Larry says. “Without that you’re just doodling in the dark.

“Slings and Arrows #1” was drawn entirely with Bic ball point pens.

Research and drawings of the Hydra in “Slings and Arrows #1”.

Here’s a look at the final product.  Let us know what you think!  More at Uncle Plaster!

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