Museums and Exhibits 1993-1999

Sacred Encounters

LJP produced the audio/visual programs for museums every year between 1993 and 1999. We got our start working with professor Jackie Peterson on Sacred Encounters: Father De Smet and the Indians of the Rocky Mountain West. The ground breaking exhibit traveled from Bozeman, Montana, to Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Portland, Vancouver, B.C. and other cities. Working with Richard Molinaroli, of MFM Design, PPI Exhibit Design and Fabrication and Lawrence Johnson Productions, Prof. Peterson created a penetrating experience, depicting the collision of two cultures in the Rockies, the Jesuit Black Robes and the Salish People of Montana and Idaho. Lawrence teamed with Art Director Lawrence Pevec, to design the abstracted lodge, with pine poles, aluminum rigging and scrim frames that formed the structure for “The Salish Word.”  See a clip of a composite of the four screen program below. The show features the cinematography of Gerald Lewis and the animation of Rose Bond.

Washington State History Museum

In 1995, we began production on the permanent exhibits of the Washington State History Museum, for their newly acquired building in downtown Tacoma. Working with West Office Exhibition Design, we produced seven programs on Washington history, geography, agriculture and Native history and culture. The museum opened in 1996, and believe it or not, some of the programs are still running. “River of the West” our ground-breaking multiscreen show about the Columbia River, has been running every half hour during museum hours for 26 years! Featuring the cinematography of Gerald Lewis, shooting in 35mm and 16mm, the sound of Michael Gandsey, and music by members of the Oregon Trail Band, these programs are classics in the genre. See a selection of clips below.

Applegate Trail Interpretive Center

In 1998 we completed programs for the Applegate Trail Interpretive Center in Sunny Valley, Oregon. The main three screen program, “Fireside Theater,” featured local actors in a dramatic reenactment of the southern route of the Oregon Trail. Check out the clip below.