Sparrow’s Sayings

Sparrow X. Carter – Aphorist, essayist and prophet.

If you’ve spent any time on this site, you may have noticed in the sidebar to the right a feature called “Sparrow’s Proverbs.” I found out about this prophet of the modern world several decades ago. His musings still get me going. Aphorisms such as “You must open your eyes to cry” or “One noodle, long enough, is a meal”  or “The economy has no manners,” delight through their brevity, humor and truth. I located his contacts on Twitter and Facebook. He’s written some books, such as How to Survive the Coming Collapse of Civilization (and Other Helpful Hints) and Goodbye, Patriarchy.

His bio, characteristically brief,  reads: SPARROW plays flutophone in the underrated pop group Foamola, whose latest song is “I Seem to Have Lost My Can Opener.” He lives in the Catskill Mountains.

So watch for new proverbs now and again. Hopefully we’ll get through most of them before civilization finally does collapse.

Here’s his twitter info. @Sparrow14 and Facebook.

Sparrow: I hope its ok for me to publish your aphorisms.

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